Welcome to the lame placeholder page for
the new incarnation of Emerald City Gardens.
If you're just joining us or wonder where we went, we've downsized!  We closed the old store on Leary Way as of August 31st, 2013 and are moving to primarily online sales.  We will also be open as a pop-up store at the Xin Qi Shen martial arts dojo, 8314 8th Ave NW. Seattle 98117Limited hours, but we'll try to keep them regularly: Fridays noon to 6, Sundays noon to five, beginning on Friday, September 13

We began life as a full-service garden center but this was a sensible move for us.  Mostly indoor vegetation at the new station, but we're hoping to do seasonal outdoor offerings as well.  What should keep us interesting to old and new customers alike is that we'll be able to specialize now; we won't have to sell you fertilizer or gloves or tools or seeds or rusty arbors anymore so we can make it all about the plants (our real passion, after all), especially those not easily found elsewhere.  The new place will be a great improvement over the old as a classroom space, too, so we'll be offering workshops much more regularly: indoor and outdoor container gardens including succulents, food crops, terrariums, bonsai, Plant Propagation 101 and more. 

Selling online will let us sell to the whole country - exciting stuff! (well, not to Hawaii, and we haven't figured out California yet).  Even locals will be able to shop online but pick up at the new store, eliminating shipping costs.  Some larger or hard-to-ship items will ONLY be available for pick-up, though browseable here.   Our shopping cart isn't functional yet and the site is getting a complete facelift, but our goal is to go live with the new pages by October, sooner than that if possible.  Follow us on Facebook if you don't already for quickest updates, or email info@emeraldcitygardens.com.

There are good times ahead, so thanks for stopping by!  Come back when there's something to see. 

Jay 'n Andy ~